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In this set of Articles we’ll cover the Laptop Market. Let’s start with Best Business Laptop specifications available in the Market as of March-2017. It is recommended to look at ‘Laptop buying Considerations‘ before proceeding forward.



The attempt is to cover the overall Business laptop specification range and the Best Business Laptop Specification availability. Let’s look at the competitive landscape to help you make a selection. Please note, the specifications are searched based on an algorithm at and is just an attempt to the nearest accuracy. The specification range and models may also vary across different countries and regions. It is important to recheck the accuracy of the attempted information for your benefit before arriving at any conclusion from this article.

Business Laptop Market Specification Range Table

Fastest Business Laptops, Frequency above 3.5 GHz

Delllatitude-e5570Intel Core i7-6820HQ2.73.615.6
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core Xeon E3-1535M2.93.815.6
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M2.83.715.6
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core i7-6920HQ2.93.815.6
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core i7-6820HQ2.73.615.6
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core Xeon E3-1535M2.93.817.3
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M2.83.717.3
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core i7-6920HQ2.93.817.3
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core i7-6820HQ2.73.617.3
DellPrecision-M3510Intel Core i7-6820HQ2.73.615.6
DellPrecision-M5510Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M v52.83.715.6
DellXPS-13-9365Intel Core i7-7Y751.33.613.3
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.33.613.3
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i72.63.915.4
AsusZenBook Pro UX501JWIntel Core i7-4720HQ2.63.615.6


Fastest Business Laptops, Frequency above 2.5 GHz & Size below 12.5 Inch

Delllatitude 11 5179Intel Core m5-6Y571.12.810.8
Delllatitude 12 e7270Intel Core i7-6600U2.63.412.5
Delllatitude 12 e5270Intel  Core i5-6200U2.32.812.5
Delllatitude-7275Intel Core m5-6Y571.12.812.5
Delllatitude-7275Intel Core m7-6Y751.23.112.5
LenovoThinkPad X260Intel Core i7 6500U2.53.112.5
LenovoThinkPad X260Intel Core i5 6200U2.32.812.5
LenovoThinkPad X250Intel Core i5-5200U2.22.712.5
LenovoThinkPad X250Intel Core i7-5600U2.63.212.5
LenovoThinkPad Yoga 260Intel Core i5-6200U2.32.812.5
LenovoThinkPad Yoga 260Intel Core i7-6500U2.53.112.5
AppleMacBookIntel Core m71.23.112
HPElitebook FolioIntel Core m7-6Y751.23.112.5
HPElitebook FolioIntel Core m5-6Y541.12.712.5
HPEliteBook 820 G3Intel Core i7-6500U2.53.112.5
HPElite x2 1012 G1Intel Core m5-6Y541.12.711.6
HPElite x2 1012 G1Intel Core m7-6Y751.23.111.6


Thinnest Business Laptops, Thin below 13.2 mm

Delllatitude 11 5175Intel Core m3-6Y302.210.810.8
DellPrecision-M5510Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M v53.715.611.5
AppleMacBookIntel Core m73.11213.1
HPSpectre Pro 13 G1Intel Core i7-6500U3.113.310.4
HPSpectre Pro 13 G1Intel Core i5 6200U2.813.310.4
HPElitebook FolioIntel Core m7-6Y753.112.512.4
HPElitebook FolioIntel Core m5-6Y542.712.512.4


Business Laptops with 4K Resolution ( Can be an Option )

Delllatitude-7275Intel Core m3-6Y302.212.5UHD/FHD
Delllatitude-7275Intel Core m5-6Y572.812.5UHD/FHD
Delllatitude-7275Intel Core m7-6Y753.112.5UHD/FHD
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core Xeon E3-1535M3.815.64K UHD
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M3.715.64K UHD
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core i7-6920HQ3.815.64K UHD
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core i7-6820HQ3.615.64K UHD
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core i5-6300HQ3.215.64K UHD
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core Xeon E3-1535M3.817.34K UHD
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M3.717.34K UHD
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core i7-6920HQ3.817.34K UHD
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core i7-6820HQ3.617.34K UHD
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core i5-6300HQ3.217.34K UHD
DellPrecision-M5510Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M v53.715.64K UHD
AsusZenBook Pro UX501VWIntel Core i7 6700HQ3.515.6UHD/FHD
AsusZenBook Pro UX501JWIntel Core i7-4720HQ3.615.6UHD/FHD


14 Inch Business Laptops and 32 GB Max RAM Option.

LenovoThinkPad T460Intel Core i5-6200U2.832
LenovoThinkPad T460Intel Core i7-6600U3.432
AcerTravelMate P2Intel Core i5-6200U2.832


Best Business Laptop Models with up to 2 TB SSD Option

AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.92 TB


Best Business Laptop Models with up to 1 TB SSD Option

DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core Xeon E3-1535M3.81 TB
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M3.71 TB
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core i7-6920HQ3.81 TB
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core i7-6820HQ3.61 TB
DellPrecision-M7510Intel Core i5-6300HQ3.21 TB
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core Xeon E3-1535M3.81 TB
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M3.71 TB
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core i7-6920HQ3.81 TB
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core i7-6820HQ3.61 TB
DellPrecision-M7710Intel Core i5-6300HQ3.21 TB
DellPrecision-M3510Intel Core i5-6300HQ3.21 TB
DellPrecision-M3510Intel Core i5-6440HQ3.51 TB
DellPrecision-M3510Intel Core i7-6820HQ3.61 TB
DellPrecision-M5510Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M v53.71 TB
LenovoThinkPad X1 YogaIntel  Core i5-6200U2.81 TB
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.11 TB
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i52.91 TB
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.41 TB
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.61 TB


Best Business Convertible Laptop

DellLatitude 13 3379Intel Core i3-6100U2.31613.3
DellLatitude 13 3379Intel Core i5-6200U2.81613.3
DellLatitude 13 3379 Intel Core i7-6500U3.11613.3
DellLatitude 13 3379Intel Core  i7-6560U3.21613.3
DellXPS-13-9365Intel Core i5-7Y543.21613.3
DellXPS-13-9365Intel Core i7-7Y753.61613.3
DellInspiron-13-5368Intel Core i3-6100U2.31613.3
DellInspiron-13-5378Intel Core i5-7200U3.11613.3
DellInspiron-14-7460Intel Core i5-7200U3.1814
DellInspiron-15-5578Intel Core i5-7200U3.1815.6
DellInspiron-15-5578Intel Core i7-7500U3.5815.6
DellInspiron-15-5578Intel Core i3-6100U2.3415.6
LenovoThinkPad Yoga 260Intel Core i5-6200U2.81612.5
LenovoThinkPad Yoga 260Intel Core i7-6500U3.11612.5
LenovoThinkPad Yoga 460Intel Core i5-6200U2.8814
LenovoYoga 900Intel Core i7-6500U3.1813.3
LenovoYoga 710Intel Core i7-6500U3.1814
AsusZenBook Pro UX501VWIntel Core i7 6700HQ3.51615.6
AsusVivoBook Flip TP301UJIntel Core i7-6500U3.1813.3
AsusVivoBook Flip TP301UJIntel Core i5-6200U2.8813.3


Best Business Laptop Tablet

Delllatitude 11 5175Intel Core m3-6Y302.2810.8
Delllatitude 11 5179Intel Core m5-6Y572.8810.8
Delllatitude-7275Intel Core m3-6Y302.2812.5
Delllatitude-7275Intel Core m5-6Y572.8812.5
Delllatitude-7275Intel Core m7-6Y753.1812.5
LenovoThinkPad X1 YogaIntel  Core i5-6200U2.81614
HPElite x2 1012 G1Intel Core m3-6Y302.2411.6
HPElite x2 1012 G1Intel Core m5-6Y542.7811.6
HPElite x2 1012 G1Intel Core m7-6Y753.1811.6
AcerSwitch Alpha 12Intel  Core i3-6100U2.3412

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  3. Having a strong running laptop is critical for me. I need to be able to run lightroom and photoshop together, all while being able to save thousands of photos for each year, because my families that I shoot, might lose them. It's so important to make sure you have a strong RAM, CORE and MEMORY.

  4. Buying a laptop can be a breeze if you know what you want or if you know what to look for. I think this is really helpful! If it's not a mac, it's always better to go with Asus or Acer!

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