Home Laptop Market at your Fingertips

In this article, we’ll discuss the Home Laptop Market covering the Specification Range and the list of Laptops with maximum specifications available for Home use. This is in continuation to our set of Articles on Laptop Market viz
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 Home Laptop


It is recommended to look at ‘Buying Considerations‘ before proceeding forward.  The attempt in this article is to cover the key Home laptop specification range available in the Market as of March, 2017 providing you with the competitive landscape to help you make a selection. Please note, the specifications are searched based on an algorithm at http://speclabz.com and is just an attempt to the nearest accuracy. The specification range and models may also vary across different countries and regions. It is important to recheck the accuracy of the attempted information for your benefit before arriving at any conclusion from this article.

Home Laptop Market Specification Range Table

Home Laptop Market Specification

Fastest Home Laptop, Frequency above 3.5 GHz

LenovoIdeapad 310Core i5 – 7500U3.51215.6
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.61613.3
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.9815.4
HPSpectre 13-v122TUIntel Core i7-7500U3.5813.3
HPPavilion x360 – 13-u135tuIntel Core i7-7500U3.5813.3
AcerSpin 7 SP714-51-M33XIntel Core i7-7Y753.6814
AcerSwift 3 SF314-51-71UUIntel Core i7-7500U3.5814
AcerSwift 5 SF514-51-706KIntel Core i7-7500U3.5814
AcerAspire V NitroIntel  Core i7-4720HQ3.61617.3
AcerAspire V NitroIntel  Core i7-6700HQ3.53215.6
AcerAspire R 15Intel Core i7-7500U3.51215.6
AsusZenBook 3 UX390UAIntel Core i7 7500U3.51612.5
AsusZenBook Pro UX501VWIntel Core i7 6700HQ3.51615.6


Home Laptop with Maximum RAM Option

AcerAspire V NitroIntel  Core i7-6700HQ3.53215.6
AcerAspire FIntel Core i3-6100U2.33215.6


Home Laptop with 1TB & 2TB SSD Storage Option

AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.18102415.4
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i52.916102413.3
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.416102413.3
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.616102413.3
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.98204815.4


Home Laptop with Very High Display Resolution 

LenovoYoga 900Intel Core i7-6500U3.1813.3QHD+
LenovoIdeaPad 710SIntel Core i7-6560U3.21613.3QHD+
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.1815.42880×1800 
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.9815.42880×1800 
AsusZenBook Pro UX501VWIntel Core i7 6700HQ3.51615.6UHD/FHD


Thinnest Home Laptop

LenovoYoga 900Intel Core i7-6500U3.1813.314.9
LenovoIdeaPad 710SIntel Core i7-6560U3.21613.313.9
AppleMacBookIntel Core m73.181213.1
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i52.91613.314.9
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.41613.314.9
AppleMacBook ProIntel Core i73.61613.314.9
HPSpectre 13-v122TUIntel Core i7-7500U3.5813.310.4
HPSpectre 13-v123TUIntel Core i5-7200U3.1813.310.4
HPENVY 13 D115tuIntel Core i7-6500U3.1813.312.9
HPENVY 13-d116tuIntel Core i5-6200U2.8813.312.9
AcerSpin 7 SP714-51-M33XIntel Core i7-7Y753.681410.9
AcerSwift 7 SF713-51-M90JIntel Core i5-7Y543.2813.310
AsusZenBook Flip UX360CAIntel Core M 6Y302.2813.313.9
AsusZenBook 3 UX390UAIntel Core i7 7500U3.51612.511.9
AsusZenBook UX305CAIntel Core m7-6Y753.1813.312.3


 Lightest Home Laptop

DellInspiron-11-3162Intel Pentium N37002.4411.61.2
LenovoIdeaPad 710SIntel Core i7-6560U3.21613.31.1
AppleMacBookIntel Core m73.18120.92
HPSpectre 13-v122TUIntel Core i7-7500U3.5813.31.1
HPSpectre 13-v123TUIntel Core i5-7200U3.1813.31.1
HPx2 210 Detachable Intel Atom x5-Z83001.8410.11.1
AcerSpin 7 SP714-51-M33XIntel Core i7-7Y753.68141.2
AcerSwift 7 SF713-51-M90JIntel Core i5-7Y543.2813.31.1
AsusTransformer Book T100HAIntel Atom Z85002.2410.11
AsusZenBook 3 UX390UAIntel Core i7 7500U3.51612.50.9
AsusZenBook UX305CAIntel Core m7-6Y753.1813.31.2


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  1. Thank you for this information, I always find post like these super helpful especially since I am not a tech person myself! I love how clear and concise you broke down each computer, great post!


  2. As much as I love my HP, I don't find it conducive to my needs. It's far too heavy (bought in 2012). Switching to a Mac Book Pro is not only necessary for me as a creative director, it's light, fast and probably has all the options I want.

  3. This is really interesting, my laptop is 7 years old now and really could be doing with being replaced (I did actually replace it a couple of years ago but that laptop died and I ended up with a refund). So it is good to have some ideas on what to look for.

  4. Good information for those shopping for laptops. I've been very lucky in that I've not had to replace them very often on my own. My company laptops were upgraded every 3 years, so that was not an issue. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh wow! I love that you have all the specs all in one place! It makes it so much easier when I go to buy a new laptop! I know if I visit a store it can get super confusing because there are so many options to choose from.

  6. I haven't purchased a new lap top in a long time, maybe 3 years or 4? My lap top now is awesome so I don't feel the need. It is however getting close to not having anymore memory! haha! WHoopppsss!

  7. I am not going to lie, I have no idea what any of those things are lol It is a very good list for those that are in the know though and I am sure it will help a few people to pick which is the best for them

  8. I am extremely inspired along with your writing skills as neatly as with the format on your blog.Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway stay up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to peera nice weblog like this one today..

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