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    SpecLabz intends to Connect the user with the most optimum solution based on their application need. The emphasis is on need and application based buying. The requirement translates to product specifications available in the market and the matching Product.

    SpecLabz by itself is not an Electronic Market place but a one stop solution for easy selection before proceeding to the Market. Define your need in an easy way, get to know your recommended product specification and matching products.

    The algorithm attempts to pinpoint the most suitable product based on the various Attributes selected, while providing the complete end to end range of specifications available in the market. Choose from a range of attributes for products like Television, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, UPS, Cordless, Smartphone, Projector etc and narrow down to the most suitable product based on your requirement.

    The One Drop Down Tool and the Unique Grading Tool attempts to enclose the entire market of a product category in a single Drop-down, providing the Bird's eye view of the Market Specification. So you know the median specs of your purchase.